2023 Event demographics

Whilst no two events are the same, here are some demographics, stats and facts from our inaugural 2023 Martech Festival and Festival of Email.

6 Facts about 2023

  1. Audience: 297 people attended the event in person in Utrecht. 300 attended online, over 500 unique individuals in total.
  2. Diverse Geographic Representation
    International Delegation: The event attracted delegates from over 15 countries, highlighting its global appeal. The largest contingents were from the Netherlands, United States, and United Kingdom, showcasing a strong international presence.
  3. High-Level Participation
    Senior Leadership: A significant portion of the delegates were senior leaders, including 50+ Founders, CEOs, and C-level executives. This indicates that the event was attended by key decision-makers and influencers in the Martech industry.
  4. Industry Breadth
    Wide Range of Industries: Delegates came from a diverse set of industries, including technology, retail, consulting, finance, and nonprofit sectors. This variety underscores the broad applicability and relevance of Martech solutions across different domains.
  5. Specialised Expertise
    Strong Email and CRM Focus: A notable segment of the attendees were specialists in email marketing and CRM, with over 60 delegates in these roles. This highlights the event’s importance for professionals focusing on customer relationship management and digital communication strategies.
  6. Balanced Representation
    Seniority Distribution: The event saw a balanced distribution across different seniority levels, from executives and senior managers to specialists and middle management. This mix facilitated diverse networking opportunities and knowledge exchange among professionals at various career stages.

Geographic Distribution

The delegates represented a wide range of countries, with the majority coming from Europe, particularly the Netherlands. Here is a breakdown of the most represented countries:

  1. Netherlands: The largest contingent, with delegates from various companies and positions.
  2. United Kingdom: A significant number of delegates, including CEOs, CMOs, and marketing managers.
  3. United States: Many senior positions, including founders and CEOs.
  4. Germany: Representation from large companies and various senior marketing roles.
  5. Other countries: Including Ireland, Spain, Poland, Czechia, France, Belgium, and others.

Industry Representation

The delegates came from a diverse set of industries, with a strong focus on marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, and CRM. Notable sectors include:

  • Technology and Software: Companies like¬†Marigold,¬†Twilio SendGrid, and SAP.
  • Retail and Consumer Goods: Adidas, Body&Fit, and Friesland Campina.
  • Financial Services: Rabobank, and companies providing marketing solutions to financial institutions.
  • E-commerce and Online Services: Just Eat Takeaway, Trivago, and Viking.
  • Media and Entertainment: Canadian Football League, and various digital marketing consultancies.

Positions and Roles

The positions of the delegates ranged across different levels of seniority and functions:

  • Founders and CEOs: A substantial number of founders and CEOs, highlighting the presence of top decision-makers.
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Marketing Directors: Key roles responsible for strategic marketing decisions.
  • Business Development and Sales: Directors and managers focused on expanding business opportunities.
  • Email and CRM Specialists: A significant presence of specialists in email marketing and customer relationship management.

Company Size and Type

Delegates came from a mix of large multinational corporations and smaller, specialized firms:

  • Large Corporations: Adidas, Heineken, Philips, and Friesland Campina.
  • SMEs and Startups: Many delegates represented smaller, innovative companies and startups in the Martech space.
  • Consultancies and Agencies: A notable number of marketing and email consultancies.

Key Insights

  1. Strong European Presence: The festival had a strong European focus, with the majority of delegates hailing from the Netherlands and other European countries.
  2. Diverse Industry Representation: Delegates came from a wide range of industries, reflecting the broad applicability of Martech solutions.
  3. High-Level Attendees: A significant proportion of attendees were in senior positions, indicating the strategic importance of the event for decision-makers in the industry.
  4. Specialized Expertise: The presence of many email and CRM specialists highlights the growing importance of these areas in digital marketing strategies.