2024 Call for speakers

We are looking for a diverse range of speakers from a range of backgrounds and skill sets able to share informative, entertaining and value based stories based on success or failure in the field of martech. 

For Martech FEST 2024 in Utrecht, we are seeking insightful, inspiring, and innovative speakers who can deliver valuable content to our audience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rising star, we want to hear from you!


1. Expertise: We are keen on speakers with proven expertise in the Martech field, those who have implemented innovative strategies, successfully overcome challenges, and can provide insight on the future direction of marketing technology.


2. Relevant Content: We look for speakers who can deliver sessions packed with actionable insights, fresh perspectives, and real-world case studies. These can range from successful strategies to hard-earned lessons, trends to watch or exploration of new tools, technologies, or methodologies.


3. Engagement: We value speakers who can captivate the audience with their presentation style. Speakers should be capable of fostering meaningful interaction, provoking thought, and facilitating lively discussions during their sessions.


4. Diversity and Inclusivity: Martech FEST celebrates diversity in the Martech industry. We welcome speakers of all backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. 


5. Advanced Knowledge Session: We appreciate speakers proposing advanced sessions that explore complex martech subjects, providing professional development for those looking to further advance their skills and knowledge.


6. Brand-Side Stories: We love to hear from professionals on the brand side who can share firsthand experiences and personal stories about implementing and managing martech strategies within their organization.


7. Collaboration: Vendors, agencies, and consultants are encouraged to present alongside a brand they’ve worked with. This collaboration can deliver a balanced view, providing both technical understanding and real-life application. 


Overall, our ideal speakers for Martech FEST 2024 are those who can engage, educate, and inspire our audience – offering unique insights into the constantly evolving world of marketing technology.


Work for a business or consumer brand not in the business of marketing technology?

Then we have additional benefits available. Travel stipends depend on speaker location and other factors. We cannot cover business class travel, and international travel is limited.

In the context of Martech FEST, a speaker qualifies as “brand side” if they meet the following criteria:

1. Current Role: They are currently employed at a company or third sector organisation that owns or controls access to its products and services. The company is responsible for multiple activities along the value chain like manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and customer service.

2. Specific Job Functions: Individuals should have strategic or operational responsibilities related to marketing, sales, customer relations, digital transformation, or technology utilization. Examples could include roles like Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Digital Strategy, Communications Director, Head of CRM, Head of Fundraising, Marketing Operations Manager or Marketing Automation Manager.

3. Industry Experience: The individual should have proven professional experience and knowledge in areas relevant to marketing technology. They should demonstrate a deep understanding of leveraging technology and digital tools to enhance brand performance.

4. Thought Leadership: They provide insightful perspectives and thought leadership in their field. Their work influences how their brand, as well as the wider industry, embraces and utilizes technology in marketing strategies.

5. Established companies, charities and third sector organisations operating for several years and with a significant turnover.

In summary, “brand side” speakers at Martech Fest are those who come directly from brands and are actively executing and managing marketing technology strategies. They leverage their professional experiences and insights to deliver real-world examples and best practices within the marketing technology space.

2024 speaker BONUS

All speakers are able to avail of the following

Agency side speakers

Do you own or manage an agency in the marketing space?


We truly value agency partnerships.

Speaking opportunities are available when supported by a brand side client for case studies and similar, or when hosting a panel discussion. You must demonstrate a substantial and successful relationship with a brand or brands to qualify.

Additional partnership opportunities and brand exposure available when introducing 6 or more qualifying brands to an event. 

VENDOR side speakers

Do you work in the martech space and are looking to speak? Speaking opportunities are available when supported by a brand side client for case studies and similar, or when hosting a panel discussion.

We can work with you to find a brand side guest to join you, this would require becoming a session sponsor.

While vendors might be disqualified from “brand side” speaker roles at Martech Fest, they can still qualify for other speaker roles provided they meet specific criteria. These roles typically require the backing or support of a brand. Here’s how they can qualify:

1. Partnered Presentation: Vendors and agencies can team up with a brand they partner with or work closely with for a joint presentation. This kind of collaboration spotlights a real-world instance of their successful partnership and provides a context of their joint workflow, results, or solutions.

2. Case Study Support: Speakers from vendors or agencies can present a case study that involves a specific brand they have collaborated with. The brand supports the study and their role to implement the marketing technology solutions provided by the vendors or agencies.

3. Panel Discussions: Vendors or agencies can qualify for panel discussions, especially if they are accompanied by a brand representative. The interaction provides a comprehensive view of the topic being discussed from both the brand’s perspective and the vendor’s or agency’s side.

4. Supported by Client Testimonials: Vendors and agencies can be backed by client testimonials from brands reinforcing the effectiveness and benefits of their services and solutions. It could be a live presentation by the brand during the event, video testimonials and written recommendations on the event platform.

5. Endorsed by a Brand: If a representative of a brand is willing to vouch for the significant role that the vendor or agency had in improving their marketing approach, and ensure the brand has guests present at the event they may qualify as speakers.

In summary, vendors and agencies looking to qualify for speaker roles at Martech FEST should ideally demonstrate a substantial and successful relationship with a brand. This collaborative representation showcases their capacity to work with brands, offer profitable solutions, and contribute to the marketing technology landscape.

Influencer? Sponsored Sessions

Are you an influencer with a great user story about winning with martech? We can work with you to establish a sponsored session where you can be compensated for your time.