Consent to Share Registrant Information when registering as a delegate

In efforts to provide you with the best possible event experience, as well as special offerings and tailored information, we are requesting your consent to share select registration details with our event sponsors. This data includes your name, job title, company, and email address. Sharing some of your registration details with our sponsors allows us to enhance your experience at the event.

This is entirely voluntary you must actively opt-in and you can choose to opt out at any time. Rest assured, securing your data is our priority and our sponsors are committed to abiding by GDPR guidelines to protect your privacy and handle your data responsibly.

Allowing us to share this information helps our sponsors to tailor their offerings to suit your interests and needs, ultimately leading to a more personalised and enjoyable event for you, often times resulting in invitations to exclusive networking activities. The information shared would include your name, organisation, job title, and email address.

Please note, your data will only be used in a manner that respects your privacy and is relevant to the event. Each of our sponsors is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of attendee information and adhering to strict GDPR guidelines.

Witholding consent

Should you withhold your consent, rest assured that your data will remain confidential and will not be shared with our sponsors.

We value your trust and participation, and are committed to ensuring that your privacy rights are respected at all stages of our event. You may withdraw your consent at any point and you also have the right to be forgotten.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this notice or how we handle your personal data.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.