Christopher Marriott

Christopher Marriott

Company: EmailConnect
Job Title: President

Chris is the President of Email Connect, a digital marketing and vendor selection company that helps F500 clients find the right marketing technology solutions for email and multichannel marketing. With years of experience in the industry, Chris has a deep understanding of the ESP and CDP vendor landscape and pricing. He has held executive positions at Acxiom and The Relevancy Group, and served on the Board of Directors for eDataSource. Chris is also an adviser for AudiencePoint and Shotzr, and a regular contributor to the OnlyInfluencers blog and emailvendorselection. His clients include American Airlines and Hearst Magazines. Chris is passionate about helping his clients find the right marketing solutions for their needs.

So we are thrilled to announce that Chris Marriott, an established leader in the world of email and digital marketing, will be gracing the Festival of mail Stage at Martechfest. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, as Chris brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge from his commendable journey in the industry.

An alumnus of the prestigious Dartmouth College, Chris ventured into the world of digital marketing 25 years ago. His career has spanned stints at globally recognised companies, carving a niche in the fields of email and multichannel marketing.

For over seven years, Chris led Email Connect LLC as its President and Founder, where he harnessed his flair for matching F500 clients with the right marketing technology solutions, primarily in email and multichannel marketing. His understanding of the ESP and CDP vendor landscape and pricing is unparalleled, propelling Email Connect to manage an average of 18-20 billion emails out to bid every year.

Before his venture into Email Connect, Chris held executive positions at Acxiom and The Relevancy Group. At Acxiom, he managed and expanded its global digital and email services division. While at The Relevancy Group, Chris was instrumental in creating and growing the RFP consulting business, supporting F500 marketers with expert advice and an efficient methodology for vendor selection.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of the industry, Chris is an active contributor to reputable platforms such as OnlyInfluencers blog and, revealing his insights on the changing market landscape and vendor evaluation process. Moreover, his podcast, “Email Geeks at Home Drinking Coffee”, enlightens listeners with authentic stories of leadership, dedication, and innovation.

In addition, Chris has served on the Board of Directors for eDataSource and has been an essential advisor for various companies, including AudiencePoint and Shotzr. This has deepened his broader understanding of the industry trends, tactics, and strategies.

At Martechfest, Chris Marriott will draw from his vast reservoir of experience and insights to deliver an illuminating discourse on complex martech landscapes and the dynamics of vendor selection and the future of CDPs, ESPs and CRMs. You will emerge with a fresh perspective, armed with actionable knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Join us for this compelling session with an esteemed industry leader.