Udeme Ukutt
Company: LinkedIn
Job Title: Postmaster

Udeme Ukutt

We’re pleased to announce that email leader Udeme Ukutt will be gracing our stage as a featured speaker at the Festival of Email, part of Martechfest.

Udeme Ukutt’s impressive career has spanned nearly two decades, during which he has held prestigious posts in renowned companies, such as LinkedIn and Yahoo. He currently serves as a Postmaster & Sr. SRE at LinkedIn, where he exhibits his prowess in managing and improving LinkedIn’s technical mail policies, representing the company on two boards of directors, all while showcasing outstanding skills in deliverability, DNS management, project management, and email marketing. His positions as a member of the Messaging, Malware, Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group, EEC Advisory Board of the Association of National Advertisers, and the Email Sender and Provider Coalition and emailexpert demonstrate his active participation and influence in the industry.

Udeme also spent time at companies like SPLIO, Mapp Digital, and Mailjet where he honed his skills in deliverability and industry relations. Furthermore, in the role of System Analyst at Cypra Media Inc. and Postmaster at Synacor, he displayed his capacity to analyse systems, manage projects, and ensure seamless email marketing operations. In every role, Udeme displayed a consistent, impeccable record of bringing technical prowess and insightful leadership to the table. Thus, his considerable technical acumen and extensive leadership experience make him an esteemed voice in the industry that is truly worth listening to.

Over the years, Udeme has lent his skills to various board and leadership roles, contributing nuggets of wisdom through his writing on email industry standards and best practices. His portfolio testifies to his commitment to advancing the industry, having contributed to key projects such as the unique technical specification known as “Brand Indicators for Message Identification” and co-authoring a 70-country ‘Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide’.

Presently, Udeme’s part of the Mail Infrastructure Engineering team at LinkedIn – who manage the company’s technical mail policies, Mail infrastructure, and more. 

However, Udeme isn’t just all business and no play. A testament to his love for sportsmanship and compliance, he’s also a certified official for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, supervising competitive tennis across various levels.

Join us at Martechfest as Udeme lends his insights to the discussion. His vast knowledge and unique perspective on the email industry promise to make this session a valuable learning experience for all of us. Don’t miss this chance to learn from a seasoned veteran in the field!