We are happy to introduce Martrexo by Webstrategy as a supporting sponsor of Martech Festival.

An all-in-one B2B and B2B2C e-mail marketing platform, Martrexo is the perfect, integrated digital marketing tool for businesses of any size, whether startups or multinationals.

Understanding the pivotal importance of deliverability and reputation in successful e-mail marketing, Martrexo adheres to certified standards, helping clients build a trusted reputation so messages are sure to score with your audience. Consistent branding is key, and with Martrexo, your team can utilize branded templates to put your corporate identity front and center.

Martrexo interfaces with your existing CRM systems, websites and databases. Whether audience segmenting for personalized messaging, time-zone specific e-mail scheduling, or running A/B tests to refine your campaigns, Martrexo is your dependable ally. Its user permission system ensures robust security and flexible user management.

With Martrexo, every client is offered a dedicated project manager who will be your trusted companion from inception to execution, making sure your e-mail campaigns resonate with your audience.

Beyond basic tracking, Martrexo provides extensive analytics and reporting mechanisms to let you understand the impact of your campaigns and shape your marketing strategy based on valuable insights.

Martrexo is constantly evolving to incorporate innovative advancements and reflect the latest industry standards. As a dynamic and progressive solution, it puts your business at the forefront of state-of-the-art e-mail marketing strategies.

Harness the power of Martrexo to fine-tune your e-mail marketing strategy and unlock the potential of data-driven marketing, encapsulated in one comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

Bjoern Koester, CEO of Webstrategy GmbH, the company behind Martrexo, will be presenting a use case together with one of their clients, the Bundesliga. The international sports brand will be represented by Dennis Galejski, Deputy Head of Audiovisual Rights International at DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH. Be sure not to miss this session in Utrecht this September!

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