We are excited to reveal that Kaspar Szymanski, esteemed SEO trailblazer, former Google Search Quality team member, and co-founder of SearchBrothers, will be amongst the illustrious speakers at this year’s MartechFest. With deep-seated knowledge and rare insights into the labyrinthine world of Google algorithms, Kaspar’s presentation is sure to be a brilliant mosaic brimming with actionable strategies for mastering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Kaspar brings with him a unique viewpoint on the ever-evolving world of SEO, anchored in over a decade of experience probing Google’s mysterious algorithms. Boasting an in-depth understanding of the complex architecture that enables search, Kaspar’s expertise harmoniously intertwines the technically intricate world of bots and crawlers with an absolute commitment to user experience.

As an acclaimed SEO expert armed with hard-earned expertise from his tenure at Google’s renowned Search Quality team, Kaspar now uses his skills to heal websites afflicted by Google penalties and navigates them towards the coveted top spots of search engine results. In his professional journey, he co-founded SearchBrothers with business partner Fili Wiese bringing 14+ years of Google Search Quality expertise together and cementing SearchBrothers as a reliable go-to for websites seeking Google redemption or looking to elevate their visibility.

An admired orator, Kaspar’s innovative strategies and SEO wisdom have reverberated through essential platforms like Search Engine Land, State of Digital, and SEMrush. Significantly, his know-how in decoding Google’s algorithms and fostering SEO competence aligns seamlessly with our vision for MartechFest.

In a digital landscape where search engine prominence determines survival, Kaspar Szymanski’s treasure trove of insider expertise, melded with a profound understanding of the web’s inner workings, makes him an undeniable authority. We are confident his intersectional insights into SEO complexities and the trends molding the digital marketing arena will result in a profoundly enlightening experience at MartechFest.

Join us as we voyage through the thrilling world of SEO and unmask the elusive Google algorithms with Kaspar Szymanski!

You will be remiss to let this adventure into SEO mastery slip you by.

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