Master of Marketing Tech and Tea: Ian Truscott Joins Martech Festival in Utrecht

We’re elated to announce that Ian Truscott, CMO of Spotler Group, founder and the charismatic host of Rockstar CMO podcast, will be gracing the stage as a featured panelist at Martech Festival in Utrecht!

Deeply entrenched in the world of B2B technology and with a career spanning over 25 years across North America and Europe, Ian brings with him a wealth of experience, insightful perspectives, and a knack for transforming complex tech concepts into digestible, actionable knowledge. His passion for taking enterprise B2B software products to market and growing marketing teams is evident in his portfolio of roles at various software companies.

Ian has a powerful motto that reflects his marketing philosophy—he believes in creating “ART” : Awareness, Revenue and Trust. His strong belief in enhancing the role of marketing through ART has helped brands connect, engage, and grow their businesses successfully. It is this unique approach to marketing which attendees can look forward to hear more about.

Aside from being a stellar marketer, Ian has worked for or with organisations including Alterian, SAS, 3M AFP and has even had a stint working alongside the ‘mad men’ at McCann. Plus, he has been an invaluable industry analyst working with marketing technology software vendors like SDL, Adobe, and Oracle! He understands not just the marketing landscape, but also the business ecosystem that curves around it – an invaluable perspective that he will share with the audience at Martech Festival in Utrecht.

As Editor-in-Chief of, he’s always at the pulse of the industry dynamics, hot topics and marketing challenges faced by organisations today. He’s also an effervescent speaker and event moderator, with a knack for engaging the audience with his witty yet insightful conversations. We cannot wait to see him strike these chords in Utrecht.

More than just a marketing whizz, Ian Truscott is a dynamic individual known for his love of software companies, his zest for empowering teams, and interestingly, his love of tea. His captivating persona, deep marketing intellect, and an inherent ability to simplify complex tech paradigms makes him the perfect fit for your Martech learning journey.

So, buckle up for a transformational marketing ride with Ian Truscott in Utrecht. Join us as we walk through the nuances of technology-powered marketing, create memorable connections, and of course, enjoy a great cup of tea, if you have access to the lounge!

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