Discover Market-Leading Insights by Wendy Werve at Martech Festival – An Illustrious Panelist Not to Miss!

We’re ecstatic to announce that Wendy Werve, the distinguished Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Marigold, will be sharing her considerable knowledge and expertise as a featured panelist at Martech Festival. Her impressive breadth of experience in the vastly competitive realms of technology, B2B, and SaaS marketing makes her an eagerly anticipated and invaluable presence at this event.

With over 20 years in the industry, Wendy has refined her leadership skills, devising and executing effective growth-focused strategies at all levels of business – from startup to IPO, and across scales from mid-market to organizations topping $1 billion. Her varied expertise touches all facets of marketing, encompassing demand generation, field marketing, corporate communications, brand, and product marketing.

Her stint as Vice President of Global Marketing at SumTotal Systems was instrumental in the company’s upscaling and subsequent acquisition by Skillsoft. Wendy’s track record notably highlights her ability to navigate and positively influence growth trajectories in a multitude of high-profile, market-leading enterprise software companies.

Furthermore, Wendy’s experience is not confined to her impressive professional portfolio; it’s also deeply rooted in her academic background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the esteemed Diederich College of Communication at Marquette University, a testament to her lifelong commitment to cutting-edge marketing strategies and communication best practices.

At Martech Festival, Wendy is sure to deliver thought-provoking discourse, shedding light on her successful endeavors and sharing valuable lessons learned throughout her career. If you’re in the tech industry, a startup seeking inspiration, an established business seeking growth, or a marketing professional looking to hone your skills, you won’t want to miss Wendy’s session.

Join us in welcoming Wendy Werve to Martech Festival, where she’s set to deliver an engaging and enlightening exploration of current marketing trends and tactics. Her participation brings an exciting dimension of practical expertise, and we can’t wait to unveil the insights she has to offer.

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