Exploring the Intersection of Retail, Tech, and Sustainability: Welcoming Kiran Gange to Martech Festival

It’s time to shine the spotlight on one of the exceptional speakers we’re fortunate to host at this year’s Martech Festival – Kiran Gange. A visionary entrepreneur, engaging speaker, and a potent catalyst in the field of Artifical Intelligence (AI) in retail, Kiran Gange brings a unique blend of professional expertise and entrepreneurial wisdom to our event.

Kiran is the CEO and founder of RapidPricer, an AI-based company headquartered in Amsterdam. It is not just Kiran’s job title that commands respect: it is his transformative work in the retail sector. Kiran’s focal point is revolutionizing this sector through the reduction of food waste, using real-time price automation for retailers. Employing AI in such a creative and socially responsible manner highlights Kiran’s ability to think laterally about technology – a mark of an ingenious entrepreneur.

With a rich experience in mathematical pricing algorithms for 15 years, he has worked with top retail giants like Wal-Mart, Target, Office Depot, PwC, and IBM. His numerous successful ventures include offices across three countries, and he has mentored and counseled over 100 startups, logging an expansive work history that has traversed borders and verticals.

Levering his innate entrepreneurial acumen, Kiran has recently founded Global Launch Base, an internationalization consultancy designed to assist European companies with global strategies and market launches. Community-oriented and an advocate for sustainable practices, Kiran’s expertise spans across sectors like Agri Tech, Conservation, and Sustainability.

His impressive academic credentials, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both earned with honors, form part of his well-rounded profile. Fused with a wealth of international experiences, Kiran’s approach to solutions is global, innovative, and robustly analytical.

But Kiran’s vision extends beyond just professional entrepreneurship. His empathetic leadership style sees him spending his time mentoring young entrepreneurs. His rich insights also reach the larger public via his podcast, ‘Retail Pricing Innovations’, spanning topics on retail pricing, new technologies in managing food waste, and the use of AI in retail.

As an author, his seminal book, “The Expert Guide to Retail Pricing” serves as a veritable bible for anyone looking to maximize business growth and manage margins. Testament to its value is the esteem it holds within the business community, as exemplified by industry pioneer John O’Connor’s glowing review.

We’re elated to welcome Kiran Gange to Martech Festival. We invite you to join us for the chance to learn from Kiran’s unique blend of technical expertise and human-centric entrepreneurship. Be prepared to be inspired, equipped with strategies, and filled with cutting-edge insights from an industry leader!

As we count down to this exciting opportunity, watch this space for more updates!

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