Spotler, at the Forefront of Marketing Automation: Proud Showcase Sponsor at MartechFest

In this period of digital acceleration, businesses need forward-thinking allies, and that’s where Spotler comes in. A family of dynamic European vendors and the backbone for ambitious marketers, Spotler is renowned for providing comprehensive tools for customer engagement, experience, and business growth. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Spotler is stepping up as a primary sponsor as a Showcase Sponsor at the upcoming MarTechFest.

Spotler is synonymous with marketing automation evolution. Since its inception in 2016, Spotler has continuously strived to connect companies with their customers through innovative digital marketing and communications technology. Its commitment to enabling thousands of companies to efficiently deliver marketing growth and improved customer experience sets Spotler apart from competitors. We are certain that their presence as a Showcase Sponsor at MarTechFest will be insightful and beneficial for all attendees.

The Spotler Group’s impressive portfolio includes Spotler, Flowmailer, OBI4wan, Pure360, Sooqr, Squeezely, Shopping Minds, Tripolis, and Wireless Services.

As a Showcase Sponsor, Spotler will be showcasing its marketing suite at MarTechFest, including Mail+, Flowmailer, Webpower, Spotler Social and Squeezely. Attendees will get the opportunity to explore first hand how Spotler’s range of tools — spanning from marketing automation for B2B and B2C, customer data platforms for cross-channel personalization, to transactional email delivery for improved customer experience — can integrate seamlessly, leading to more effective campaigns.

MarTechFest delegates can look forward to gaining insights from Spotler’s years of experience in multichannel marketing and communications. Their sponsorship underscores Spotler’s commitment to foster growth within the marketing technology community and supports this premier event, which celebrates innovative marketing technologies and platforms.

The collaboration between Spotler and MarTechFest is a clear reflection of our shared vision: to empower businesses to better engage with their customers, improve their customer experiences, and ultimately, enhance their growth.

Join us at MarTechFest to uncover the power of Spotler’s intelligent marketing automation solutions and learn how to accelerate customer acquisition, growth, and retention. Experience informative discussions, networking opportunities, and exclusive insights into Spotler’s cutting-edge technologies. Register now to secure your place at MartechFest.

Together with Spotler, let’s reimagine customer engagement and explore new ways to drive growth in a digitally-driven business landscape.

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